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Prenatal Yoga is open to all expecting moms - no prior yoga experience necessary!

Classes are on Saturdays from 11:30am - 12:45pm with Angela Arnold, RYT200/prenatal yoga specialist. Prenatal classes are held in four or six week sessions. (no drop ins, as we build week to week). Pre-registration is required - space is limited.

For the first session you attend, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out our waivers.

Do's and Dont's for Practicing Yoga while Pregnant

  • Get an OK from your healthcare provider before you start yoga or any physical activity
  • Wait until after the first trimester before starting a new exercise program, like yoga
  • Let the instructor know you are expecting and what trimester you are in (if attending a regular class)
  • Stay hydrated - bring water into class!
  • Listen to your body and your intuition - be kind to yourself, as your body and baby grow, you’ll need to modify poses. Each class will feel different since your body will be different!
  • Take breaks whenever you need to - this includes bathroom breaks
  • Have a wider stance, both standing and sitting - you are growing a little human, it’s okay to take up space! You are not confined to your mat!
  • Things to avoid / modifications to your practice
    • Don’t squish baby! Avoid poses that require you to lie on belly, deep twists, intense back bends. Always allow room for baby
    • Now is not the time for intense inversions, advanced poses, or hot vinyasa - now is the time to slow down
    • Avoid intense core work - your hormones are triggering ab muscles to soften and separate to allow room for baby to grow
    • Don’t worry! - You don’t have to remember all of this! Our instructors are here to keep you safe, so make sure you let them know you are expecting, and they will help you modify where needed.

    Some of the Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy

    • Reduce stress and anxiety
    • Connect with baby
    • Relieve physical discomfort common in pregnancy
    • Prepare for labor and delivery by increasing strength, flexibility, and endurance
    • Learn techniques that can be used during the birthing process
    • Develop trust in self, baby, and process of birth
    • Connect with other moms

    **Cancellation and Refund Policy**

    Missed Classes
    We understand that there are times where a student may miss class, due to a variety of reasons, unfortunately, there are no refunds for a missed class. In addition there are no makeup classes.

    While Angela is the primary teacher for all prenatal classes, on occasion there will be substitute teachers. If ever there is a concern about a sub, please contact us with your concern. If there is a concern about missing classes prior to the session beginning and payment being made, please privately contact us to discuss.

    Refund Policy
    Pre-registration of these classes is required. A spot is reserved just for you! There are no refunds or credits offered. **

    **If you are unable to complete the session due to a pregnancy related medical reason that will persist for the remainder of your pregnancy (i.e. incompetent cervix, pregnancy hypertension, risk of preterm labor, prolapse, etc.), or if baby arrives early, please provide a doctor’s note with a medical reason and you may be eligible for a refund for the remainder of the session, once a doctor’s note is received.

    Current Prenatal Yoga Student Due in Middle of Next Session
    Contact us prior to the current session ending if you’d like to continue through this pregnancy. You may pay a special rate for a partial session.

    **Winter Weather Cancellation Policy**
    Connect with Entouch LLC Yoga and Massage and/or Breathe Together Now on Facebook, as it will be posted if classes are cancelled. If Entouch LLC Yoga and Massage cancels classes, Prenatal Yoga is also cancelled.

    Why is Prenatal Yoga Session Based?

    • Session based classes create a community
    • Prenatal sessions create a unique experience for expecting moms. They can connect with other women going through similar experiences and maybe even make lifelong friends! By seeing the same group of women week after week, students feel more comfortable sharing their experiences, fears, etc. in a loving, supportive, non-judgmental environment.
    • We also explore primal movements and sounds that can be very beneficial during labor and delivery. In our society, these natural things have become taboo. So, it’s important that the student feel comfortable with their surroundings to be able to start to tap into their instincts.
    • Without a commitment, it’s easy to not show up
    • Labor and delivery is a marathon. The birthing experience brings up so many emotions, discomforts, and is a physical challenge. By showing up every week, even though sometimes you might not feel like it, you are preparing your body and mind for the marathon of birthing.
    • Whether you’re tired, in a bad mood, emotional, whatever it may be, you will be surrounded by a wonderful group of women who will support you.
    • Sometimes getting to class is the hardest part. We’ve all been there. We understand. If you’re running late, don’t worry, just get here. Take the time for self-care. You’re important. The time to connect with baby and the breath is important.
    • Each class builds upon the last, allowing mommas to learn and experience more
    • We cover a variety of techniques to embrace pregnancy and support the birthing process. Sessions allow mommas to feel supported and strong in their knowledge of these techniques so that they can use them when it counts – during labor and delivery!