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Ashtanga (Short Form)

This class is based on a set series of poses that allows you to focus and improve on all aspects of your yoga practice; Breath, alignment, focal points, etc. As you move through the series, it will help to create a strong body and focused mind. This class is recommended for intermediate to advanced levels.


Or beginners, this class is recommended for those new to yoga or who wish to learn some basic fundamentals in a gentler class setting. Students will learn the basic poses, alignment and breathing techniques that are important to the practice of yoga. It will help strengthen your body and build on your balance and flexibility.


This class brings the practice of yoga to those who are limited in mobility or want a slower paced practice. This gentle practice allows you to perform yoga postures using various props such as blocks, bolsters and blankets, while learning the basic poses, alignment and breath.

Healthy Back Yoga

This yoga class will help the student learn ways to bring more strength and flexibility throughout the length of your spine. It will help build core strength to support the lower back and release stress and tension from the mid and upper back. This class is recommended for all levels.

Healthy Core & Floor

This class will bring awareness to the core and pelvic floor. You will learn to engage core muscles with the breath for safer movements. Build strength gently, but effectively through this practice. A healthy core is the foundation of a healthy body.

Restore & More

Restorative uses props to support the body to help with relaxation as you hold comfortable poses for longer periods of time.  It provides a soothing experience to help release stress and tension, let go and restore your energy. This class will combine restorative with meditation and a little movement to provide an ultimate mindful and restful practice.

Slow Flow

This is a milder vinyasa flow class. It will help build strength, balance and flexibility as you move through a sequence of poses. More challenging than a basic, yet not as challenging as a regular vinyasa class, you will learn to use your breath as your move through the flow.


This is a flow class focusing on synchronizing your breath with the movement through the sequence. It will help build strength, balance and flexibility through the flow of poses as you create heat in your body and focus your mind. This class is recommended for intermediate to advance levels.


This class will bring the best of both worlds together. It will start as a yin practice, holding poses for a longer period of time to help provide strength and flexibility to the connective tissues and joints of the body, and then transform into a vinyasa flow to help build strength, balance and flexibility through the flow of poses.

Guided Meditation

Explore your mind and experience the benefits that meditation brings to your body, mind and spirit. We will share our energy in a group as we participate in various types of guided meditation.

Stay tuned for more meditation classes!